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La Redoute chooses Stripe to improve its customers’ payment experience

As part of the acceleration of its development, particularly internationally, La Redoute has chosen Stripe, a financial infrastructure platform for businesses, to facilitate and enrich the payment experience for its customers in France and globally.  La Redoute has selected Stripe to accelerate its digital transformation by modernising and unifying its omnichannel customer payment platform across all its activities and internationally.

Enhancement of the customer journey and harmonisation of the payments stack across all markets

La Redoute offers its customers a unified omnichannel shopping experience, on its website, its mobile app and in its stores. The payment stage is a particularly key moment in the journey—it must be secure and suit each customer’s online payment habit.

With Stripe, La Redoute can quickly deploy new payment methods in its different markets. It’s also able to  accept diverse types of payments from bank cards to digital wallets (ApplePay, GooglePay), Bancontact in Belgium and iDeal in the Netherlands. In France, La Redoute will rely on its advanced integration between Stripe and the Cartes Bancaires network, which allows frictionless onboarding for global merchants and Apple Pay support.

Using Stripe, La Redoute will harmonise the way it manages payments in France, and in all markets it is developing like the United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, and Germany.

A modernised infrastructure for increased security control and fraud prevention

With the modernisation of its technical infrastructure, La Redoute will be able to better manage Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), which will simplify the customer experience, while further increasing security control and fraud prevention using Stripe Radar.

“Our partnership with Stripe is an essential technological brick to support our digital transformation and our growth internationally. Stripe’s platform will help us to make significant progress in enriching the customer experience, particularly in terms of payment, providing a seamless experience through the richness of the payment methods we now have access to,” said Philippe Berlan, Chief Executive Officer at La Redoute.

“During this challenging macroeconomic time, our large users are focussed on adapting quickly and operating efficiently. We’re extremely proud to support La Redoute which is an ambitious company prioritizing a secure and seamless payment experience, tailored to its global needs.” said Eileen O’Mara, Global Head of Sales at Stripe.

La Redoute will begin deploying Stripe in Q1 2023 across all of its subsidiaries and in France by the end of the first semester 2023.

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