Ultra-modern logistics centres

With Quai 30 for Ready-to-Wear, Quai de l'Escaut and H103 for Home - Decoration, La Redoute always keeps a promise.

Quai 30 : the warehouse that prepares an order in 2 hours and delivers in 24

Processing more than 3,500 orders per hour, preparing an order in 2 hours, delivering the next morning an order placed the day before before 8pm, processing 300,000 product references, dispatching more than 15 million parcels per year… these are the performances of this ultra-automated warehouse, which covers more than 42,000 m2.

The warehouse is equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology, including automated shuttles, autonomous storage facilities and pocket sorters. Quai 30 delivers to our customers in France and abroad.

Quai 30 in Wattrelos - warehouse

[ … ] the capacity to process more than 3,500 orders per hour, prepare an order in 2 hours, deliver the next morning an order that was placed the previous day [ … ]

Quai de l'Escaut : the warehouse that handles bulky Home - Decoration products

The “Quai de l’Escaut” warehouse stores, prepares and dispatches orders for “bulky” items, i.e. items weighing more than 30kg, from La Redoute Intérieurs and AMPM: 70,000 m2, almost one million furnishing items (sofas, tables, shelves, etc.) are dispatched each year in France and to our subsidiaries. Most containers of goods arrive at this warehouse by barge.



Quai de l'Escaut in Anzin

H103 : The warehouse dedicated to small bulky Home - Decoration products

Dedicated to “small bulky” products, i.e. weighing less than 30kg, from the La Redoute Intérieurs and AMPM collections, this new warehouse stores more than 10,000 items over 60,000 m2. More than 4.4 million items (carpets, small furniture, technical products, etc.) are shipped from this warehouse every year. The aim is to continue to improve the quality of service for La Redoute customers.

This warehouse also contributes to the development of the region: it is the result of the conversion of the former Cambrai-Epinoy air base (BA-103 René Mouchotte) and is part of the State’s strategy to combat the artificialisation of land. The construction of the Nord – Seine canal will enable containers to be transported by barge.