DNA & Culture

We paint our future with the colors of our culture

Weaving bonds, setting trends, leading by influence

To open the doors for women everywhere to French home and fashion, and invite her to experience the bright side of life.


  1. Weaving bonds

    From its beginnings as a wool mill, for the past 180 years La Redoute has forged unique relationships with its customers—yesterday through its catalogue, today on the web.

  2. Setting and spreading trends

    The creative teams at La Redoute are responsible for more than 70% of our output. We’ve brought together some of the most recognized and established stylists and provide unfailing support to our young design teams.

  3. Leading by influence

    Since 1837, La Redoute has been making its mark on society by keeping in step with the times: making French style accessible to the greater population, honoring the place of women in society, encouraging responsible consumerism, upholding the values of society and the environment all while championing social innovation.

[…] making French style accessible to the greater population, honoring the place of women in society […]


  1. Ambition

    The entrepreneurial spirit at La Redoute fosters risk-taking and encourages perseverance. Making this kind of culture possible requires a pragmatic energy that fuels our ability to mobilise teams by leading them towards ambitious goals.

  2. Creation

    At La Redoute, the tandem of creativity and innovation intersects at the crux of a delicate equation: to continuously reinvent our collections and keep our gaze steadfast on the future; and to do this while constantly upholding our commitment to continue breathing new life into an ever-accessible French style.

  3. High Standard of Excellence

    At La Redoute, the quest for excellence is what drives all our respective teams in their pursuits. Through embodying French style in both home and fashion, we pay close attention to every detail and finishing touch: from our product lines to the services we offer, we stand out through this standard.