La Redoute internationally

La Redoute internationally

International activities represent around a quarter of overall turnover for La Redoute.

The development of international activities relies on three main strands: subsidiaries, the website and partnerships.

La Redoute itself is present in six countries: the United Kingdom, Russia, Switzerland, Belgium, Portugal and Spain. These subsidiaries target their respective national markets, taking into account specific local requirements and using the resources and global strategy of the brand.

The international launch of La Redoute Intérieurs in 2015 represents an excellent opportunity for all these countries. This development, which has started with the marketing of ‘small transportable goods’ is the first step.

La Redoute itself is present in six countries is also a driving force in contributing to the international exposure of the brand.

La Redoute also develops partnerships with distributors whose position is particularly strong on markets such as China, Sweeden, Greece or Romania. La Redoute has also signed new partnership agreements in strategic regions, including Africa and Japan.