La Redoute internationally

La Redoute international

International activities represent around 35% of La Redoute's total turnover.

International expansion represents a tremendous growth opportunity for La Redoute. International development is based on three dimensions: subsidiaries, the website and partnerships.

La Redoute is directly present in seven countries

La Redoute has its own subsidiaries in seven countries : Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

These subsidiaries draw on the resources and global strategy of the La Redoute Collections, La Redoute Intérieurs and AMPM brands to address their markets while taking into account specific local characteristics.

La Redoute itself is present in six countries is another important development lever contributing to the brand's international exposure - cross border sites with dedicated digital sites managed from neighbouring countries : and

La Redoute is also developing partnerships with distributors

La Redoute develops partnerships with well-positioned distributors in markets such as Greece and Mauritius.

To go even further, La Redoute is forging new partnerships with Reunion, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab States.