13.10.2022  —  Actualités

La Redoute is committed !

At the side of women for more than 180 years, La Redoute commits itself every year to the fight against breast cancer on the occasion of Pink October.


La Redoute supports associations

For the second year, La Redoute is supporting the association “Coaching suspendu” with a donation of €25,000. This association helps women affected by cancer to return to work or to find a job in the best possible conditions.

La Redoute is also associated with the local business group “Octobre Rose en Nord”. It is providing financial support for the “La Maison Rêvée” project of the “Mon Bonnet Rose” association. This association creates places where patients can find a second wind, be listened to, understood and helped in such a precious way that it can save their lives. The association wishes to build a Dream House in the North of France.

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