16.03.2023  —  News

La Redoute takes another step forward in the Netherlands

On February 1st, a dedicated and independent website, www.laredoute.nl, and an App, were launched. This is the first international site opened by La Redoute in 10 years! Proficiat aan alle teams die bij dit project betrokken waren!


La Redoute and the Netherlands, a long history

In the 1990s, La Redoute tried a first, inconclusive experiment in the Netherlands, based on its catalogue. In June 2019, the decision was taken to give La Redoute Belgium the opportunity to develop the Dutch market. In 2 years, the Dutch business reached €10M in the Netherlands. By the end of 2022, nearly 200,000 Dutch customers had already placed their trust in La Redoute.

Since the end of 2022 and the energy crisis, Holland has been the European country most affected by inflation, which has soared to over 17%. E-commerce is suffering from a sharp decline. Despite the slowdown in growth, La Redoute still has strong ambitions for the Netherlands, with a target of €26m in 2026, i.e. an average of 30% growth per year.


The Netherlands, a mature digital market

E-commerce in the Netherlands is one of the most mature in Europe. The Netherlands has a population of 17.5M€ and the online Fashion and Home market is worth 15M€. In comparison, Belgium has 11.5M inhabitants and the online market is worth €5 billion.

This maturity makes the Dutch market very demanding in terms of offers and services. It is also a market where competition is strong and where major local players such as Bol.com are making their mark… and are even ahead of Amazon!

To address this high-potential market, laredoute.nl is becoming a real site in its own right!


What strategy for the Netherlands?

The Dutch market is very keen on Homeware, and 85% of La Redoute’s turnover is now generated by this category. The strategy is therefore focused on developing the AMPM and La Redoute Interiors collections.

The La Redoute Collections offer is also available on the website and app to provide Dutch customers with an offer for the whole family. External brands will also be offered on the site, but in the background as the media and recruitment strategies are very much focused on the home.


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