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After Italy and the Netherlands, La Redoute launches a dedicated website and app in Germa

As part of its “The Great R” strategic plan for 2026, La Redoute is aiming to expand its international footprint. Following the opening of a subsidiary in Italy in January and the creation of a website and services dedicated to the Dutch market in February, Germany – operated from France – now has a dedicated website and app.


By 2022, La Redoute’s international activities will account for more than 35% of its turnover. In addition to the international website laredoute.com, La Redoute has a number of subsidiaries in Europe: Belgium, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain and, since January, Italy. These local operations have enabled La Redoute to strengthen its positioning and make significant gains in market share.


Germany, a mature and strategic market

La Redoute, which until now marketed its Fashion and Home offer in Germany on a digital model managed from France, has seen its sales increase tenfold since 2019. Sales are mainly driven by brands developed by La Redoute: La Redoute Intérieurs, AM.PM, and La Redoute Collections, but also by partner brands offered on the site.

With the digital market offering strong potential in Germany, the brand has decided to capitalise on this momentum by opening a laredoute.de website and a dedicated application to conquer the market with a brand strategy strongly focused on the home (household linen, furniture and decoration). In Germany, the home market is worth €13 billion, twice as much as in France.

To establish itself on the German market, La Redoute is relying on 3 strengths:

– the breadth and quality of its Homeware offering, which already accounts for 85% of its business

– a competitive range of services

– an inspiring digital experience in line with its brand identity.


Philippe Berlan, Chief Executive Officer of La Redoute, commented: “After Italy and the Netherlands at the beginning of the year, this launch in Germany marks a new stage in our international development, in line with our strategic plan and the La Redoute model with our strategic plan and the development model we want for La Redoute: profitable, ethical growth with a controlled environmental footprint.




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