11.08.2023  —  News

La Redoute x La Head Interior Architecture Prize

For the past 7 years, La Redoute, a partner of the HEAD, has awarded a prize to a graduate of the Fashion course at the famous Swiss school. For the third year running, La Redoute is also awarding a prize to a student in the Interior Architecture programme.

The jury, made up of Valentin Dubois-Architect/Designer MA, Sandrine Karlen and Wassim Honeiny-Co-founders of Hygg.in, an online interior design solution-and Caroline Descamps-Marketing Director of La Redoute Switzerland singled out Kevin Chellakudam’s work, entitled “Vitalizing Watertanks”.


Kevin Chellakudam’s work responds to an economic dimension by reusing existing water reserves throughout the country to convert them into housing. He also uses materials that are accessible and inexpensive for the inhabitants. As a result, local residents have the resources they need to build their own homes.

In designing these buildings, Kevin Chelladukam imagines a modular space that can adapt to the natural evolution of families. It’s a more pleasant place to live as a community, with breathing spaces that allow the space to be properly ventilated.


“We were very touched by this project because it provides a concrete response to the many families living in the slums of India. It’s a project that is resolutely focused on people, enabling these communities to have a positive impact on the lives of families. It’s a mission to improve the lives of families that is particularly close to our hearts at La Redoute”. Caroline Descamps – Marketing Director La Redoute Switzerland

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