14.11.2017  —  News

La Redoute aims for a strong development on the BTOB market

La Redoute incite désormais non seulement les familles mais aussi les professionnels à rejoindre « La vie du beau côté » avec ses collections Mode et Maison. Le département de vente et de partenariats dédié au BtoB, déjà en forte croissance, se renforce avec un site et une équipe dédiés pour développer ses offres en direction des professionnels.

Since its creation in 2014, the sales and partnerships department dedicated to professionals has seen a turnover increase of 30% per year and already has 5,000 customers. Based on a comprehensive and highly diversified offer, La Redoute now intends to position itself as a key player on the BTOB market by addressing:

  • Works councils and large retailers to market their gift cards
  • At hotels, restaurants, leisure centers, holiday centers, wellness centers, sports centers for its linens, bath, tableware
  • Architects, companies and administrations with the offer of Redoute Interiors and AMPM, for the development of employee relaxation areas, customer reception areas, workspaces, co-working.

Since October 26, 2017, the site for pro, offers professional customers all of the offer, staged by universe and achievement, and the range of dedicated services and additional, including installation and assembly of furniture, advice from La Redoute’s style office or the use of an interior designer.

Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance (CACF), BNP Paribas, SNCF, Bouygues Immobilier and Les Gites de France already rely on La Redoute for Business.

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14.11.2017  —  News

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