23.06.2023  —  News

Mirakl : our marketplace takes another step forward !

In 2010, La Redoute launched its Marketplace, based on a tool built by in-house teams for France. A pioneer, our Marketplace has made its mark on the market thanks to its rigorous selection of products to complement the range offered by La Redoute Vendeur.


In 2021, La Redoute chose Mirakl to strengthen the development of its marketplace offering in France, improve the user experience for sellers and accelerate its international development. A strategic project for La Redoute and a challenging one for the teams involved, the migration to Mirakl was successfully launched at the beginning of April. The start of a new era for La Redoute’s marketplace!


Today, more than 60 sellers have already migrated to Mirakl, including Boulanger, one of our biggest sellers. A further 500 are in the process of migrating at a rate of 20 to 25 a week, with the aim of completing the migration by the end of 2023. A dedicated team has been set up to ensure that the migration is completed on schedule.


Improving the desirability of La Redoute’s Marketplace

Since its launch over 10 years ago, our marketplace has needed a facelift to establish its place in the market and guarantee an optimal customer and seller experience. With Mirakl, La Redoute has chosen to work with the world leader in marketpkace solutions: a strong sign of our ambitions for the development and place of this channel in our strategy!

Providing a better experience for sellers!
With Mirakl, sellers benefit from :

  • Easier and simpler integration with our platform,
  • Access to a wide range of data (sales, quality of service, preference settings, etc.) enabling them to monitor and manage their business independently,
  • More detailed management of their catalogues and offers,
  • Mirakl’s functional and technical expertise for the implementation of future functionalities.


Optimising customer satisfaction
For Marketplace teams, Mirakl makes it possible to manage sellers by focusing on customer service quality. For example, teams can temporarily unpublish a seller’s offer if it does not meet our expectations in terms of customer response times, delivery times, refunds, etc. This helps to improve the NPS of the marketplace and La Redoute as a whole.

The integration of new sellers, around fifty by the end of the year, will be a factor in improving the shopping experience by proposing an even more diversified offer that complements that of La Redoute Vendeur.


Creating new processes
The migration to Mirakl is being accompanied by a complete overhaul and rewriting of a number of internal processes to make the most of this new tool:

  • deployment of new contracts with sales staff,
  • reorganisation and validation of seller information,
  • standardisation of the publication chain,
  • rewriting of integration and account management processes,
  • updating terms and conditions of sale,
  • creation of an FAQ for sales staff.

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