14.02.2022  —  News

The R’mentoring program: develop your skills with confidence

The Talent Development team offers a development tool based on sharing and trust: the R’Mentoring Program. Mentoring is a reciprocal process that allows the mentee to be guided and advised by an experienced collaborator, and gives the mentor the opportunity to share his experience. Michael TRULUCK – CEO International – and Amélie POISSON – Marketing, Clients and Brands Director – are the sponsors of R’Mentoring.


“You make a living with what you receive, but you build it with what you give” Winston Churchill. We could sum up mentoring with this inspiring quote. We thought of the R’Mentoring Program in this sense: give our employees the opportunity to develop their skills and their leadership, over a period of 6 months, outside the usual hierarchical links, based on a strong relationship of sharing and trust with a Mentor. ‘Mentoring Program is part of the trust quarter: this initiative will allow us to develop and nurture trust between employees in the service of the company’s success! ” David LAMY – HRD.


Following a call for applications in December 2021, 14 mentors and 14 mentees from different departments, from different professions, in France and abroad, volunteered to take part in this process. In order to develop leadership within the company, we wanted to offer this first program to employees in management positions at La Redoute. A launch webinar brought together all participants on January 20. This time of presentation made it possible to re-share with all the approach and the objectives, to present the process. Mentors and mentees were able to meet and share their motivations.

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14.02.2022  —  News

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